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About BMG

The evolution of BMG Marketing began when we opened our doors as Buffalo Marketing Group in 1994. As a full-service marketing communications firm, we offered a comprehensive portfolio of services to a variety of local, regional and international clients – primarily within the food service industry.

Increasingly, our customers turned to us for solutions to solving the “marketing versus sales” dilemma involved in converting potential customers into actual customers.

We soon found a niche developing and implementing successful ongoing customer relationship programs that involved structured sales initiatives, incentive and loyalty programs that reward and motivate both employees and customers and interactive web-based applications for both consumer and business users.

As technology changed, so did our customers’ priorities and, therefore, so did BMG’s priorities.  Today, it’s all about the data: the ability to access it, mine it, control it and successfully utilize it to translate into sales, whether you are in the food service industry or any other industry. Successful translation to hard sales involves the ability to continually have direct conversations with targeted potential customers, and that’s where BMG Marketing can help.

We believe Demand Generation should be simple to obtain, easy to manage and have a significant impact on revenue. We believe in the philosophy of automating the marketing process, not just the technology. We believe in the synergy of marketing and sales. And we believe that leads are lifeblood, not just data. Our Demand Generation strategies are built to serve our clients first, last and always by providing easy-to-use tools, outstanding marketing support, and best practice solutions.

Ask yourself these questions. Then call BMG Marketing and we’ll help you arrive at the answers that will build your business.

1)      Are you having a direct conversation with your customers? (or do you know where your indirect business comes from?)

2)      Do you capture prospect or customer interactions? Do you know where they are stored? Are the records enhanced or cleansed on a regular basis? Are they centralized and combined with other interactions for marketing to mine?

3)      Are you able to monetize your creative spending? (Marketing spends money, what is the ROI?)

4)      Are you aligned with your sales division? Do you have a way to feed sales worthy demand into their CRM and track results?

5)      Are your website visitors tracked and profiled, allowing for automated drip or nurturing campaigns? Can an inquiry on the web go right to your sales team?

6)      Are your marketing initiatives (print, digital, other) integrated to collect and centralize the interest created?

7)      Would you like to consolidate the disparate data points (internal sources, vendor sources, etc.) into one place?

8)      Would you like to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace?