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Let’s face it. You are always in competition for your customers’ attention and business.  There are external forces, such as your competitors, and internal forces, such as management acceptance, employee overload and more.

To win your customers’ business, you must – MUST – demonstrate your ability to focus on their priorities and to produce results.

BMG Marketing is your proven partner for optimal solutions that work:

Marketing Automation

  • Measure Marketing ROI
  • Manage Brand Consistency
  • Know Your Prospects
  • Generate Verified Leads
  • Support Sales Teams with Different Focus
  • Increase Effectiveness Through Personalization

Sales Alignment

  • Easy Deployable Sales Content for Sales Channel
  • Segmentation of Prospects
  • Improved Sales Focus
  • Cross Selling and Increased Line Selling Made Easier
  • Greater In-Depth Knowledge of Prospects
  • Turn Unknown Customers into Committed Customers

Content Marketing

Content goes to the core of demand generation. If you don’t have highly relevant content presented at the right time, you simply won’t get engagement. By knowing your buyers’ information consumption patterns and where they’ll go for answers (e.g. blogs, reports, peers), you can align your content to their process. Inbound, outbound, multi-channeled, your demand generation engine will always be on.


Customized promotions help you focus in on selling the right product, to the right customer, at the right time. BMG provides development and turn-key promotion management.

  • Structured sales initiatives
  • Sampling programs
  • Contests
  • Rebates

Agency Services

Our Marketing Agency Services:

  • Creative and Design
  • Messaging and Branding
  • Content Marketing
  • Campaign Development and Management
  • Sales Alignment
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Call Center Services
  • Fulfillment Services

Analytics and Results Optimization

Today’s marketers must measure the value of their programs and improve their results over time. This means capturing the right data, organizing it effectively, analyzing it to uncover hidden opportunities, and presenting it for action. Doing it right takes a combination of modern technology and human expertise.

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